How I Was Able To Takeover All User Account And Admin Panel

How I Was Able To Takeover All User Account And Admin Panel

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Dipak kumar Das
·Dec 28, 2018·

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Hi everyone, This is my last write-up of 2018, so 6 months ago I got the invite from a Hackerone private program, the program has a huge scope, so currently I am focused on that single program. Found a subdomain let say (As it a private program so we will be using instead of the original domain)

So let's start

The vulnerability was a pretty straightforward IDOR

So, the website uses sso for authentication, after successful authentication its redirect back the subdomain

after exploring the functionality, I found its a very basic site where no option to edit your own account even, many static pages and some third party links.

so after that, I navigate to the and found lots of hidden directories are there, like /admin, /user

so quickly I navigate to the directory /user it redirected me to
that page provides functionality like change password, change email id, change address, add an address
Next, I just change the value to 16390, then it's redirected me to the user edit option of the user which associated with 16390 userid

Then I created another test account to verify the issue, I am successfully able to change password and email of the user

Then I thought to give a try for admin panel takeover, so iIvisited to

its redirected to me to the portal admin panel where i can change admin password email

So at that point ,i can able to takeover all user account by changing the userid value as all are sequential and admin panel too .

After 4 days they fixed the issue and got a nice bounty and bonus , that helped me to fullfill my last 2018 goal.

Thanks for reading, any suggestion feedback are welcome

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